Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Dulin Dodgers players

I called Tim Dulin today and asked him several questions about the crop of Dodgers we will be signing tomorrow and about the 8th grader who committed to us yesterday. First of all, I am no reporter. I didn't write down verbatim what he said so I can quote him. I don't have a recording device. I know the cell phone has one but I don't have time for that.

First lets start with the 8th grade wonder, Austin Kelly. I think Kelly's family has moved to the Greenville area to attend Washington School. Bill Burrus, a reporter for the Commonwealth newspaper emailed me this:

"Former McCarley resident and ex-Pillow Academy student Austin Kelly, an eighth-grader at Washington School, has given a verbal commitment from an early baseball scholarship offer from Mississippi State. Kelly would be a class of 2019 signee.
The 5-foot-11, 195-pounder is a power-hitting lefty who throws right-handed. He is being recruited as a catcher, third baseman and outfielder. He was named MVP of the National Perfect Game Tournament in July in Dallas while hitting five home runs, including a grand slam, for the PSA Sox Red major team.  Kelly hit 38 homers in summer ball this year."

When I talked to Coach Dulin about him, he had nothing but rave reviews about Austin. His body is very mature for 14. He has very strong legs, thus that is where his power comes from. He plays way above his age. We both think he will be the 1# player in Mississippi his senior year perhaps his whole HS career. But he is 5 years away before playing for us. Let's look at the other Dodger players.

The 2015 class has 9 Dodger players. I asked Coach Dulin, have you ever had that many players go to one particular school in a given year and he didn't think so. I think Ms State broke a record. He was, of course, very up beat about all their futures with Ms State baseball. He thinks we have really turned the notch up with talent and the new baseball stadium. Coach Dulin also raved about our 3 coaches, John Cohen, Butch Thompson and Nick Mingione. Our coaches treat the players great and are very up front with them in the process. He believes great times are ahead.

Here is a list of the Dulin Dodgers that will sign with us in this early signing period:

3B/RHP Austin Riley, Ms
Coach Dulin said he could play both positions in college, he is that good.
OF Jake Mangum, Ms
RHP Keegan James, Ms
SS Luke Alexander, Ms
Coach really raved about Luke's defensive prowess. One of the best in the SE.
C/2B Hunter Stovall, Al
Coach really liked the hustle and talent of Hunter.
LHP Trysten Barlow, Tn
RHP Gray Fenter, Ar
OF Brant Blaylock, Ms
LHP Ethan Small, Tn

Riley is 1# player in Ms
Alexander is 1# shortstop in Ms
Stovall is 1# catcher in Al
Barlow and Small are the top 2 LHP in Tn
Fenter is 1# player in Ar

This rating is by Perfect Game.

I didn't have time to go over each one of these Dodgers but he expressed how talented they are as a group. I appreciate Coach giving me the time. I will call him back on other players.

We have made major in roads into these elite travel teams. This class is just the tip of the iceberg.

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