Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2014 JC Transfer Signees: Post Fall Ball Edition

LHP/1B: Trent Waddell, Junior
Trent played a lot of 1B in the fall and pitched some in relief. He brings a LH bat to first base and to the DH/pinch role. A big kid at 6-2 210, he brings experience and toughness to the team. I think Wes Rea is the starter at 1B but Waddell can spell him some. IMO, Trent will be a multiple player, he will pitch some, play 1B/DH also.

MIF: John Holland, Junior
John is what you call a 5 star recruit. He will come in and start. He bats left and throws right. He is a grinder at the plate, he will walk a ton. He is the leadoff or 2 hole hitter. It is still uncertain what MIF position he starts. He is 5-11 175 and an absolute great addition to the club.

2B/3B: Matt Spruill, Junior
Matt showed in the fall he can play 3 positions, 3B, SS and 2B. He is a gamer. His older brother is a MLB pitcher. IMO, he will play a lot in 2015 in the multiple roles. A good player to come off the bench. He brings depth and experience to the infield. Matt is 6-1 190.

C Josh Lovelady, Junior
I think Josh surprised the coaches with his play in the fall. I believe he has made an impact to the 2nd string catcher race. He is a tough kid. If there is one critical position battle in the fall, it was for #2 catcher. We have to wait this race out. Josh is 6-0 190 and a gamer behind the dish.

OF Michael Smith, Junior
Michael is definitely in the OF rotation. I am thinking at least 5 guys to mix and match depending on the opposing pitcher. Michael did what he came to do, he is super fast. He ran down fly balls in the OF and put pressure on the defense when he ran the bases. He will play a lot in 2015. A late edition to the club but a great addition. He is 5-10 170.

RHP Logan Elliot, Sophomore
A pitcher that throws  sidearm. He is a specialist out of the pen. He was brought in a lot throughout the fall. Sometimes he gave up the big hit but other times he got out of if. He had to make adjustments to D1 ball. We shall see if he makes a jump in the spring. Can he come in and shut down the other team? Logan is 6-1 175.

LHP Daniel Brown, Sophomore
Daniel had one bad outing in the fall but I thought he did great the other times. I think he has a shot at being an SEC starter. If he doesn't become a starter he will counted upon numerous times to get us out of an inning. I think once he gets adjusted he will be super. He is not big, 5-10 183 but neither was Jon Harden. Daniel came from a Texas JC and made all-american honors his only year in JC baseball. I look for big things out of him in 2015.

3B/DH Luke Reynolds, Sophomore
I think Luke made a huge impression in fall camp. He made several sparkling plays at 3B. He came in known as a good hitter and he did that. He is a contact hitter. But diving for balls at 3B and rifling over to 1B to get the runner made some people notice. Senior Matthew Britton had a knee issue the last half of fall so the spring should tell the tale of who plays here the most. I put Luke at DH too. He is 6-2 186 and bats left (Britton too). Luke will only get better as he gets more reps. He will play a ton in 2015 at both 3B and DH.

RECAP: The stars of the JC class are: Holland, Smith, Brown and Reynolds. Those 4 will start and or play a ton in 2015. I would classify Waddell, Spruill and Lovelady as intriguing prospects. Those three each bring their own talent to certain roles.

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