Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Post Fall Ball 2015 starters

1B - Wes Rea, Senior
2B - John Holland, Junior
SS - Seth Heck, Junior
3B - Luke Reynolds, Sophomore
C - Gavin Collins, Sophomore
LF - Reid Humphreys, Sophomore
CF - Jacob Robson, RS Sophomore
RF - Cody Brown, RS Sophomore

SEC - RHP Preston Brown, RS Junior
SEC - LHP Lucas Laster, Senior

Batting Lineup

1 - John Holland, left
2 - Jacob Robson, left
3 - Gavin Collins, right
4 - Reid Humphreys, right
5 - Wes Rea, right
6 - Luke Reynolds, left
7 - Seth Heck, right
8 - Brent Rooker, RS Freshman, DH, right
9 - Cody Brown, left

I think Holland, Heck, Rea, Collins and Humphreys must start every game. These guys are too good to leave out. Reynolds can DH when Matthew Britton plays 3B.

Every year there are players that don't do much in the fall and when spring starts they really excel. A few have this potential.

Of course, this is just my opinion. There won't be a set lineup every game due to matchups. And a couple players not even mentioned will jump up and start half the year.

The OF is the deepest its been in a long time. Reid Humphreys, Cody Brown, Jacob Robson, Michael Smith and Jake Vickerson all will start at some point or play a lot. Really the OF will mix and match left and right handed hitters depending on the opposing pitchers. Brent Rooker and Joey Swinarski must get some at bats as DH/PH types.

I do think, when games are well in hand, you will see mass substitutions to get these guys some experience. We have so much depth to go around plus you have to think ahead to 2016.

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