Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2014 Freshman signees: Post Fall Ball Edition

RHP/1B: Cole Gordon
A dual threat player. He really impressed at both positions although he had Tommy John surgery over 12 months ago, he pitched well in spots. He played a lot at 1B in the fall. He is 6-6 240 and bats left. Goodness, what a combo. I think he will be a great player before he leaves college. What about 2015? I think once his arm gets stronger and back in shape, I can see him coming in relief in spots for 1 or 2 batters. He can touch 90 with his fastball. I also think he gets some time at DH and PH. Again, once he gets AB's at the D1 level, he will be great. I am really excited about Cole.

RHP Aaron Dominguez
Along with the other freshmen, he played a lot in fall ball so the coaches can see him in action. He will see some time in the bullpen in 2015. He has the pitches to get out of jams. Aaron is 6-0 194. He just needs to gain experience and get used to D1 ball. He is a determined pitcher.

RHP Jesse McCord
I think Jesse is the best freshman pitcher of 2014 signees. I really believe by May he will be a impact pitcher. He has the stuff. He has the breaking balls. He is 6-1 190. He could very well be the Tuesday starter sometimes. A future weekend starter. We really got a good one here.

LHP Paxton Stover
Paxton had a lot of strike outs in the fall. I do see him as a bull pen specialist in 2015. He is 5-11 180. A really good addition from the state of Tennessee.

LHP Andrew Mahoney
Andrew is 6-2 210. He didn't pitch his senior year because of arm surgery. He didn't pitch a lot in the fall. If he isn't redshirted so he can get stronger, I do see him as a bull pen specialist. He was highly rated before the surgery, so I am excited about his future. I think once he gets his arm in shape, he will really take off.

MIF Ryan Gridley
Ryan had a great fall at the plate and in the field. He is an absolute gamer/dirtbag. He is 5-9 170 from Georgia. He had the winning hit in the fall World Series. The sky is the limit for Ryan. I would think, he would play some backup role at both MIF positions in 2015. By the end of the 2015 season, he will be ready to be a starter in 2016 at one of the spots. He just needs some D1 experience. A really good player. I am glad he is on our team.

RECAP: We didn't sign a huge freshman class but they are all good. Two had HS injuries (Gordon and Mahoney) that they are overcoming and once they are, they will be great players. I think (as of now), Gordon, McCord and Gridley are headed for stardom. While the others have great potential. Of course, I do need to see more of them.

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