Friday, November 14, 2014

2015 Signees: The catchers

We really did well at this position. We got 2 stars both 1# at their position in their states.

Elih Marrero, 5-9 190, Miami, FL, Coral Gables Senior
He is graded at 10 by PG which means he is an elite player. He is ranked nationally at #82 and is the #1 catcher in the state of FL. He is the #16 best prospect in the state of FL per PG. His father was a catcher in the Major Leagues for some years. He is a switch hitter. Played in the PG All-American Classic in San Diego along with Austin Riley. He is an excellent defender behind the plate, has an excellent pop time to 2B. Summer team is South Florida Elite Squad.

Hunter Stovall, 5-10 170, Pelham, AL, Pelham HS
He is graded a 9.5 by PG. He is ranked nationally at #309 and is the 1# catcher in the state of AL according to PG and the 5# best overall player. He is the ultimate dirtbag player. He gets dirty before they sing the National Anthem. He is also pretty good at 2B. His pop time is great to 2B. He is what you want, he hustles, slides, dives, whatever it takes to get an out or score a run. He committed early also. He loves Ms State baseball and we are glad he picked us. Summer team is Dulin Dodgers.

We got 2 elite catchers. This position takes 2 players to play through out the season. He is the quarterback.

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