Friday, November 14, 2014

2015 Signees Recap

The 2015 team has 9 seniors and numerous underclass men that might be drafted by MLB. We signed 18 HS seniors in the fall signing period.

Ms State baseball will increasingly have to deal with the Major League Draft every June. We have to recruit and sign elite players, this will lead to anxiety each June but we have to do it. We have to gamble on these players because we will keep more than we lose.

Why is Rafael Palmerio and Will Clark so good and so famous? Because they we elite prospects themselves coming out of HS. Both were drafted (my memory fades) in the top 8 rounds of the 1982 draft. We have to get these type of players to win championships.

I don't know what will happen next June. I know our coaches are seasoned enough not to get killed by the draft.

We lose 2 catchers off the 2015 club, we signed 2 catchers.

We lose 4 infielders, we signed 2 and another 3 (pitchers and a catcher) that are good enough to play infield.

We will lose at least one OF, we signed 3.

We will lose 3 LHP's, we signed 5.

We will lose at least 1 RHP, we signed 6.

The coaches do a superb job of plugging the holes with JC players. You will see that again in late spring or summer.

We signed 6 top 100 PG players.

We signed 5 LHP, 6 RHP, 2 MIF, 3 OF, 2 C.

We signed 3, count them, 3 switch hitters.

Our final PG rank was 4th in the country.

I think we did an excellent job no matter what happens next June. We have buffered ourselves just in case we lose a few to the draft.

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