Friday, April 17, 2015

Injury report

The biggest news is the loss of RHP Jesse McCord for the rest if the year. He had surgery. I was hoping he would give us quality innings down the stretch.

Reliever Myles Gentry is doubtful for the year too. Arm trouble

3B Matthew Britton twisted his knee at Kentucky and should be back soon.

Those are the major injuries that John Cohen went over this week. Thin at pitching now. Really need starters to pitch long in games from here on out.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Texas A and M thoughts

Friday night: all we needed was a hit with the bases loaded in the 9th and I believe we would have won. That would have been huge, obviously.
Sunday: had two opportunities to blow the game open with two more bases loaded opportunities only to score 1 or 2.

I knew Sunday would be an offensive day. We didn't get it done with the bases juiced. Simple as that.

Tremendous hustle and effort on the part of our club the whole weekend. Our defensive highlights are for SportsCenter top 10, we had several not just one. This in it self, shows the players love the game and are giving it their all.

The Sunday starter role now is up in the air. I wouldn't be surprised to have Jesse McCord start on Tuesday and move Austin Sexton back to Sunday. Moonlight Tatum should be moved to closer/setup role the rest of the year, which is a very good thing.

The lack of HR's in a homerun park is disconcerting. The wind constantly blows out at TAMU and you can tell by their numbers it is quite easy to hit one.

I still believe this team has a run in them. They can still get hot and we can still make a regional.

This past week we got 3 more commits from highly ranked players for the coming years. Look for many recruits this weekend at SBW.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

South Carolina thoughts

When we put everything together, we can beat anyone on our schedule. I thought before the season, we would play more games like the first 2 South Carolina games.

The combo of getting Gavin Collins back from injury and John Holland swinging a hot bat is very big. Lots of great ABs this weekend from everyone.

We just don't have bullpen depth like we've had the last couple of years.  Hence, it is imperative the starters go deep in games.

You can tell the hitters are seeing it good and have confidence. I expect no more big slumps the rest of the season.

The rotation should be Laster, Preston Brown and Sexton for TAMU. Although Sexton needs to throw versus Memphis, a must win.

We have 21 games left. I think we will win 10 more SEC games and let's say 2 of 3 non conf games. That will leave us 33 wins. So we must win 2 to have a shot at an at-large bid for a regional. We have the highest RPI out of the SEC, no one else is over 100. That may hurt our chances. Of course, winning more than I think will really help or winning the SECT.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday thoughts after Auburn

Following our home run bing this past Sunday at Kentucky, I was thinking we were getting hot at the plate. Then 3 games in a row of not even scoring! Rock bottom.

Today we scratched out a win. I certainly didn't see us at 3-6 at this point. I predicted 6-3.

These players have certainly had their downs this season, pitchers and hitters. Which begs me to think they will come out of this bad spell and really play well. These guys have learned a lot. They have plenty of talent to win many more games.

I think John Cohen may have settled on the infield. Seniors Wes Rea at 1B, Seth Heck at 3B, junior John Holland at 2B and freshman phenom Ryan Gridley at SS. Holland is starting to get hot at the plate which we really needed.

I really think JC transfer Michael Smith needs more PT. He is extremely talented. He, Cody Brown, Jacob Robson, and Jake Vickerson should be the OF the rest of the season.

We have finally getting quality starts from our pitchers.

A huge boost is having Gavin Collins back in the everyday lineup. He will only get better.

I truly believe we will get hot at the plate and everything will come together. Once we get into the SECT, RPI and record come into play. We can get an at large bid and play to get to Omaha.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday at Kentucky

Finally, the bats did their job. And we still had more chances to score more.

Gavin Collins and Reid Humphreys are the power hitters, they must bat each game and not bunt! I still think the batting order could be better, Cody Brown is not cleanup. Hump is cleanup.

Robson, Heck, Collins, Hump, Rea is what the first 5 should be for a while.

Moonlight Tatum may have to move to Friday night starter. He's getting better each time out.

The batters got confident today. They made huge strides. Confidence is huge in life. They know they can hit the ball.

Still got guys injured or slumping: Michael Smith and John Holland, those two need to play more down the stretch.

This win should give us a boost for USM and Auburn. The players will continue to work hard.

The non conference games are even more important now. We need Lucas Laster to dominate each time.

The goal of 35-40 wins is still attainable of course. This win total will get us into SEC tournament and a regional. Then we need to get hot.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kentucky first 2 games

What is wring with our beloved baseball team? What can go wrong has? Starting pitching does great, relief pitching flops, we lose. Pitching does great the whole game, we can't hit w RISP to win. We make errors, we make base running mistakes. What is up?

I'm pretty high on this team coming in to the season. The mix of veterans with JC players seemed good. The sophomores were highly ranked two years ago. We have a lot of college experience!

Preston Brown struggles Friday night, we have several chances to score runs but hit it right at someone, double plays. Saturdays game starts out bad and we fall behind 9-3 but score 4 in the 9th before losing.

One nagging problem might have been fixed, Gavin Collins played. He had 2 hits, he is a catalyst. If he can play every game the rest of the season!

The batting lineup. I know the coaches sit down and go over it but they need to settle on it. At least 7 spots in my mind are filled. Having Cody Brown bat cleanup and then try to bunt for a hit is not it. Cleanup hitter hits HRs.


This should be it for the time being. I wish speedy RF Michael Smith would get going. Rooker, Brown, Lovelady, Smith, Britton, Reynolds, Spruill all need to hit after these 5. Why? We need to bunch hits together! That is how lots of runs are scored!

Pitching. Most part the starters have done great. The bullpen is fluid. I have full confidence in Butch Thompson. He will get it done.

Confidence is a big issue, I think. How you instill it or get it, I don't know. John Cohen says we will get out of it with hard work. I think we will turn it around.

I didn't predict we would struggle this bad in all phases. If we do get rolling at the right time, we can make a run in the postseason. It all depends on the players attitude and how confident they can be in their abilities.

Interesting note about what the players said from the fall to the spring: several said they never been on a team with such great chemistry. Keep that in the back of your mind.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eastern Illinois thoughts

Its always good to win in the midweek. Eastern Illinois losing record is deceptive. They have played Georgia, Arkansas, Austin Peay and Memphis.

Lucas Laster was terrific. Just what we needed. He has to pitch us to wins versus Ole Miss and Southern Miss when we play those two in Pearl. We need the wins and RPI.

RHP Paul Young did go to the bullpen and warmed up. Really need his arm. Let's hope he can get some innings soon and become a factor.

Defense again was outstanding. MIF combo of Seth Heck and John Holland only gets better as the season goes along.

The sore spot tonight was hitting. The answer is not bunting with no outs then leaving the runner stranded at 2B. We did hit several hard hit balls. No HRs.

I do think a change of scenery is good. Our first road game is a series at Kentucky. A hitters ballpark too. We have got to start pounding the ball.

Injured players Gavin Collins and Michael Smith didn't play tonight. Got to have them back soon.