Sunday, April 20, 2014

Missouri series

Got three wins, awesome. That's what we wanted. We are gaining momentum. But, now we have a short week w a big midweek game and our pitching is thin on experience for Tuesday. A few of the true freshman have to pitch versus Ole Ms. In front of a sold out crowd in a pro park.
We need to compete against OM a lot better than the series. Our offense really needs to step it up in Pearl. We need to score lots of runs.

The next few days are crucial. After Saturday, we can feel better if we win 3 of 4. We need all the wins we can get.

Our true freshman, both hitters and pitchers will now be counted upon more as we get near the end.

Monday, April 7, 2014

LSU Series

Well, from a record standpoint, this past weekend stinks. We still can't beat LSU 2 out of 3. We haven't done it in 8 years now, that hurts. As I have been thinking about it, it comes down to baseball talent. I am talking the last 3-5 years. We can get some really good players but not enough that LSU gets. We do have some projects, that are mediocre players bc we are trying to fill a spot or couldn't get anyone else. That scholarship issue rears its ugly head. But our recruiting picked up last year and in the next couple of years we will have very good classes.

LSU seems to have a 1st round starting pitcher every year, that is one big difference in the teams. The state of Louisiana does have more HS talent, no doubt, and LSU gets most of those. We on the other hand, have to get the top 2 in state, then get the rest from out of state and JC.

I compared LSU winning the last 8 years to OM winning the Egg Bowl for 8 years straight. This stings me real hard, as it should all State fans. LSU is our biggest baseball rival and they are beating us every year.

How we change the outcome? Recruit the better players, period. We have the 2nd ranked class in school now, the 2015 class is shaping up nicely and we aren't through with it yet. We are hitting the West Coast hard in recruiting.

I am disappointed we didn't at least win 1 versus LSU bc getting swept is a horrible feeling. But, this medicine we took just might light the fire under us to propel us the rest of the way. Bad losses tend to do that to clubs...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vanderbilt Series

This series showed the world that we mean business. We were as focused as can be. We lasped late in game 3 but we are human. Matthew Britton was the star defensive player. He gunned down several runners and showed excellent glove work. Seth Heck was the offensive star. He is an on base machine. Batters 1-5 are good right now. Vickerson, Detz, Rea, Pirtle and Heck.

The starting pitching was outstanding. I would go with the same three until something bad happens.

The only concern I have is catcher. We need Gavin Collins to be more consistent at blocking balls. He is the best we have.

Lastly, we needed to win this series. We need to reestablish ourselves as the team to beat in the SEC. We took a step toward that this weekend.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Arizona weekend

Well, we didn't exactly do well. Saying goes you always learn something in a loss. We learned plenty.

Woodruff: what are the coaches going to do? Keep starting him hoping he turns it around or put him in bullpen? Friday we will know.

Batting lineup: we got to hit better. We have to play the guys who can hit at the moment, who is hot.

Monday, March 3, 2014

RHP Paul Young

Well, it is bad news. He has to have Tommy John surgery. He will have it tomorrow in Birmingham. He would have been a great addition to this years staff. But, he will rehab and hopefully be back by middle of next spring. Some players can come back quickly.

As for as 2015, I see him coming in and giving us a few innings. Good luck, Paul!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend recap 3\2

Well, we hit another gear. The stabilization of the defense was the main factors, I believe. The two most important positions got settled: shortstop and catcher.

Shortstop: Seth Heck is the answer. He doesn't miss a grounder and not a bad hitter either. He us what you call a baller. He and Pirtle will become a tag team at MIF.

Catcher: Gavin Collins is the main starter. Will throw runners out. A cannon for an arm. He will be a great hitter down the line, not bad now. SO only once. Cody Walker a JC guy is a solid catcher too. A great defender.

OF: just really solid play by everyone. Vickerson, Bradford, Henderson, Armstrong, Brown and Robson. We do have the best group in the SEC.

Pitching was stellar. Roles are developing. Woodruff did struggle but he has to continue to go through the tough time. He will be great. Mitchell of course outstanding, just gets outs. Those two are a great combo.

Sexton and Hudson are getting better and better. As long as they go 5 innings I am fine w it. They are winners.

I bet the SEC rotation for Georgia will be Woodruff Fitts and Bracewell, until those freshmen can get experience.

DH- Reid Humphreys made a jump this weekend. He must bat every game, he and Garner are your DH's.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Updated Polls

Baseball Writers: 15th
Baseball America: 18th
Collegiate Baseball: 18th
Perfect Game: 10th
Coaches\ESPN: not updated