Saturday, May 16, 2015

The 2015 Season - Part 6: The Reckoning

What is the fall out of such a horrendous year? In my view, if the teams doesn't win 35 its a bad year. John Cohen, as he does yearly, and every head coach for that matter, has to meet with the athletic director. The AD is the boss and Cohen has to explain this season to him. If Cohen stays, and I think he should, he will then deal with his coaches. Again, I don't think any of them leave. But I will say this, the way they do things must change. I will expound on that later.

Then the coaches will have exit interviews with the players. They will say goodbye to the seniors and wish them luck in pro ball or in life. The remaining roster is another question. Lots of speculation abounds of course in a bad year.

There have been reports of players suspended, players not showing up for workouts, pretending to be hurt and not working out. I don't know this for sure, just what I read.

The only way to find out if a player will be back in 2016 is when they report to a summer team and they say they play at Ms State. Unless they come out and say they won't be back. This is nothing new to them. Travel ball is reeked with players switching teams, dads don't like each other, etc. They know the drill. I will try to glean what I can and update my 2016 roster on my blog.

If a player decides to leave early for the draft, or moves on to a junior college or whatever, then good luck to them.

There is bound to be a pretty good change to the roster. John Cohen has said he wants players to compete. I think he means, players that battle in an at bat and pitchers that throw strikes and attack the hitters. We will see.

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