Saturday, May 16, 2015

The 2015 Season - Part 3: Bad Luck or what??

I really can't think of such a bad luck season. I know, I know. Don't blame this or that on bad luck. Take the first LSU game. Reid Humphreys hits the ball 415 the middle of the center field fence.....CF grabs it, throws it in, our runner slips and falls past 3B and he gets tagged out. Hump hits it ANYWHERE else, he walked off the win.

We hit the ball just has hard as the other team but its right at a defender.

This type of stuff got in the head of our players and they couldn't shake it. Snake bit is a baseball term. These guys have been playing baseball 15 or so years, they have seen it all. They have seen balls drop when it wasn't supposed to and seen balls caught when they aren't supposed to.

We were Murphy's Law in 2015. We need to burn the bats, the baseballs, the uniforms, whatever we can to rid ourselves of bad luck.

This bad luck thing wasn't the whole story of 2015 but it had a little to do with it. I mean bad luck stuck out so bad that we didn't have any GOOD LUCK.

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