Saturday, May 16, 2015

The 2015 Season - Part 4: Coaching decisions

Lets start way before the season started. I along with many fans were looking forward to playing in the Houston College Classic in Houston, Texas at the home of the Astros. It was decided in early 2014 I believe not to play in this highly competitive tournament. The field consists of 6 teams, Houston, Rice and Texas A & M are the usual hosts. Three other teams get invited and we were, I suspect, right after the CWS run in 2013.

First of all, there are tons of HS talent in the Houston area and I am sure they go see most of the games on a yearly basis. Just right for recruiting great talent.

Second, is the RPI issue. The Texas teams are always very competitive and have respectable RPI's. Plus the formula now is the RPI jumps when a visiting team wins on the road.

To play 3 games in a MLB stadium, in a huge city where HS baseball talent abounds, we have a huge alumni base that don't get to see some of our games, our RPI would have been better by playing these teams. I just don't understand why we didn't play in the tournament.

Now on to the season.

(My memory is so so). At the beginning of the season, two instances where we had a lead off double and the player was pumped to get a big hit. What did we do? Bunt him to 3rd or tried to. I think both instances, the next batter was left handed. He can't hit it to the right side to move him? This decision by the coaches is asinine! We can't get the offense rolling if we are bunting runners over in the 4th inning! That, I do not understand.

Rooker was up to bat with the bases loaded one time and he looked to the 3B coach and the coach was going through signals. Signals! What signal? Hit the ball hard, preferably to the OF. Don't hit into a DP. What does he need signals for? I don't get that either.

I kind of understand, moving the lineup to get the hot hitting players in, etc. But a leadoff type hitter does not bat cleanup. Reid Humphreys should have batted in every game, slump or no slump. He strikes fear into the pitcher. He was held out of some games. I don't get that.

Bunting period, prior to the 9th inning is a cardinal sin. Please make sure the coaches know this next year.

This is all I can think about at this moment. But not playing in Houston, bunting with no outs after a leadoff double, and having them bunt prior to the 9th inning sums it up.

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