Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What it will take to be at the top and stay there?

Good question. I get asked this on occasion. First of all, it takes elite players. We have plenty coming in August of 2015. Let's hope the MLB Draft don't kill us. The 2016 season is really big in my opinion. We lose 8 seniors off the 2015 club and I don't foresee any draft eligible player leaving (maybe John Holland if he has a great year). The 2016 may be young in spots but the talent level on it will be tremendous. Reid Humphreys, Dakota Hudson, Gavin Collins and others will be juniors. These guys will be great players in 2016. Couple this with the immense talent of the 2015 class and it is recipe for a top 5 club.

The 2016 class already has 8 commits and all of those are rated by Perfect Game as top 500 in the nation.

We just need to keep getting these elite players and keeping them.

Then in the near future, the brand new ballpark will be built and you will see our program take off like a rocket. We should get elite players knocking down our door.

The future is indeed very bright.

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