Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Season: New Impact Players

From an everyday standpoint, John Holland was a great get by the coaches. He bats left, leadoff and a great defender in the middle of the field.

Right behind him is CF Michael Smith. He is super fast. He will run down balls where ever he plays. He can pressure the defense when he runs the bases.

True freshman RHP Jesse McCord will start and pitch us in a lot of games. He has the ability to get people out. A highly rated player coming out of HS.

You can't forget about a backup catcher. This one position is a grind. JC transfer Josh Lovelady really impressed in the fall. A tough kid who blocks pitches. Had a pretty good offensive fall too.

I think Luke Reynolds will get even better by the end of the season and will have many big hits along the way.

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