Friday, June 28, 2013

Roster changes in 2014?

Let's look what the numbers are:

Losing 4 pitchers: Graveman, E Mitchell (prob sign pro), Pollo, Girodo

Signed 9 pitchers, maybe more.

So you can see the pitching position is getting a major injection of talent.

Infielders losing 4: Norris (I guess he will sign pro), Flair (tranferring), Frost, Frazier (pro)

Signed 3 infielders, maybe more.

Losing 2 catchers.

Signed 2 catchers.

Losing 1 outfielder, Renfroe (pro)

So we are losing 12 (if all the drafted players sign) players.

We have signed 16 but maybe will sign 1 or 2 more. Restocking the pitching staff is the most important aspect.  See my page of signees/commits for listing.

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