Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another step and Draft Day

Well, they did it. What a season so far. The most wins in the regular season since 1997 and with 2 more wins, the most overall wins since 1990, John Cohen's senior year. I beleive indeed We Are Back. And all this without a dominating starting pitcher (s) like we have had in the past. And without Brandon Woodruff who is arguably the most talented pitcher we have on the roster. As of now, I don't worry too much about the pitching staff as I am the defense and timely hitting. Like I tweeted out, if we can score more than 5 runs we are mostly to win.

Playing in Virginia should be really good for us. There is no pressure to win. We just played in two really tough tournament atmospheres, so we are ready. All it takes is 2 wins. All it takes is a starter to carry into the 5th or better for one of those games and we will have plenty of good pitching to compete. It is the offense that needs to carry us in crucial situations.

I am thinking one reason Hunter Renfroe was pressing so much lately is professional draft coming up this Thursday. He will be picked in the 1st Round, likely 11-15th pick. With this behind him, maybe he can relax more and let it rip. Let's hope so. He will be a rich man by the middle of July, so that should relas anybody....

I should have lots of info on Draft Day (s) this week. Draftees have until July 15th to sign a pro contract. I am hoping all the signees will come to school. I do beleive Renfroe and Frazier will sign and they should. I also think a handful of seniors will too. Football signee Cord Sandberg will get drafted high and sign, I have said this for a year. He wants to play baseball I believe.

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