Saturday, June 20, 2015

MLB draft update

We have lost the top 3 draftees of the 2015 class. Austin Riley signed with the Braves, Greg Pickett signed with the Phillies and Gray Fenter signed with the Orioles. Riley and Fenter signed for 1 million dollars or more. Pickett signed for a lot less which apparently tells us he wanted to go pro in the first place.

Two of the three other drafted players have said they are going to college. Delvin Zinn and Jared Padgett have said publicly they are enrolling in college. Elih Marrero hasn't said anything but sources around him say he is going to college.

Losing Fenter really didn't hurt because we have plenty of pitching in this class. But Riley and Pickett are elite power hitters and that did hurt us. Plus Riley would have been a closer type of pitcher.

But losing 50 percent is not bad. It could have been worse is the way I look at it.

Now it is on to the 2016 class and wrapping up any roster moves or additions to the 2015 entering the fall.

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