Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Scrimmage 2\1

I think the 5 starters at the beginning of the season are Preston Brown, Ross Mitchell, Lucas Laster, Jesse McCord and Austin Sexton.
The first 3 weekends are 5 game sets. Four on the weekend followed by a game on Tuesday. Brown, Laster and Mitchell seem to be in the lead for SEC weekend starters. Of course, that will change as the season wears on.

The closer combo of Trevor Fitts and Moonlight Tatum have been outstanding. Bridging the gap between starters and closers will answered by several others as the season goes along. Lots of mix and match.

The offense has shown spurts of power but I think by now the pitchers know our hitters too well. We need to play someone we don't know! You will be surprised by how many runs we will score.

Defense will be one of the best in the nation. Fast outfielders and slick fielding infielders coupled with strong arm catchers and athletic pitchers.

Still no sign of big arm Paul Young. But I think he is fine. I can't wait to see him pitch.

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