Sunday, February 8, 2015

Last weekend scrimmage 2/8

What this weekend showed:

Preston Brown, Lucas Laster and Ross Mitchell are your weekend rotation as of now. That could change during the season.

The pitchers know the hitters and vice versa, time to play someone else. They know what's coming.

Rumor has it that Gavin Collins is banged up. He didn't play all weekend. I am sure we will know more before Friday.

Brent Rooker and Cole Gordon hit HRs today. They both figure in the DH/pinch hitting scenario.

The IF/OF depth is very good. Look for lots of switching the first couple of weeks.

Again, Trevor Fitts and Moonlight Tatum come in and shut down the other team. The end of the game should be safe.

If Collins can't go for a few weeks, Josh Lovelady and Cody Walker have to be good.

A few pitchers are still developing. We have the luxury of letting them develop.

I think our hitting will be very good. We have talented hitters from both sides of the plate.

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