Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SEC Coaches Predictions--Their voice

Eastern Division

1)  South Carolina (9 1st Place votes) 86 points
2)  Vanderbilt (5 1st Place votes) 82 points
3)  Florida 69 points
4)  Kentucky 47 points
5)  Tennessee 39 points
6)  Georgia 38 points
7)  Missouri 24 points

Western Division

1)  LSU (6 1st Place votes) 84 points
2)  Miss State (7 1st Place votes) 83 points
3)  Alabama 58 points
3)  Texas A & M (1 1st Place vote) 58 points
5)  Arkansas 44 points
6)  Ole Miss 35 points
7)  Auburn 21 points

SEC Regular Season Champion: South Carolina (5 votes); LSU (4 votes);
                                                  Miss State (4 votes); Vanderbilt (1 vote)

What sticks out to me is TAMU getting 1 vote to win the West. Really? I guess coaches can't vote for themselves, so who did that?  That would be my prediction also, Auburn and Missouri don't make the SEC tournament. Most writers are predicting 9-10 teams to make the Regional round of the NCAA tournament. Again, I would go along with that prediction. If a team has less than 35 overall wins, it will be hard for them to make the NCAA's.

Miss State does not play South Carolina nor does LSU. We both play Vanderbilt. LSU plays Florida and Miss State doesn't. Remember, the winners and runners up of each division, gets a bye in the SEC tournament. But he main goal of SEC play (since 1996) is to win the Regular Season Championship.

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