Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My story: new twitter name-new avatar

When I first started my twitter account, @MsStateBaseball, I was virtually the only MsState fan or affiliation on twitter. It all started for me (I think) February of 2010. I emailed Joe Dier to see if Jim Ellis or the school was on twitter. He emailed me back and said I will check. An hour later he had at least signed Jim up to give us rabid fans mobile updates. Well, you know 2010 was the last year of what I term "Dark Ages" of MsState baseball. We had a losing season, so no one wanted to follow me on twitter and listen to vent or describe how better we will be in the coming years.

I along with countless other huge MsState baseball fans, were seeking more and better info on our beloved program and college baseball in general. Somewhere along the way, Joe Dier got the school to start tweeting out more info and it snow balled from there. Now, the baseball office and school do an excellent job of keeping us fans informed with tweets, video interviews and stats. I can't be more happy. When I started the twitter account, more people mistook me for the schools twitter account. Well, I got an email from twitter about infringement issues. So I have changed my avatar and twitter handle. I am happy to do so because I don't care what it is as long as my message and info hit a wide audience.

My new handle is @MsStBaseballFan so please spread the word.

My content won't change at all. You will still see updated recruit commits and signings. You will see former players in pro baseball and where they are. You will see the roster breakdown and how next years roster will look. You will see the schedule breakdown. Really, I try to bridge the gap of information that you can't find anywhere else. Plus, just like after the CWS, I got hundreds of people asking me about the 2014 team, what we had coming back, how good will we be, etc. This is what I am here for and strive to provide.

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