Monday, March 25, 2013

What If??

The game of baseball is full of what ifs. My team, Boston Red Sox, has a century of them. Miss State baseball has had it's share of them too. By telling you, we should be 6-0 or 5-1 in the SEC is like saying I should have married Suzi 20 years ago instead of.....get my meaning. Spilt milk.

From this day forward, what do we do. We must find a third starter on the weekend who can give us 6 innings and keep us in the game. Jacob Lindgren is the Friday guy. He is still a little inexperienced but keep putting him out there. Friday nights we are 1-1 and of course we should have beat LSU...another what if. Kendall Graveman is solid as a rock. Again just keep putting him out there. He is 1-1 in his starts and of course we should have beat Kentucky....another what if.

All we need is a pitcher to give us 6 innings in the 3rd game and when he leaves we are in the game, meaning we are ahead, tied or behind by 2. It's that simple. We have a few guys who are capable but they haven't shown it or given us flashes of it. Evan Mitchell has been tried and it doesn't seem to work. It has been tough luck for him. When he is throwing good, the ump doesn't call his pitches strikes. IMO, Evan is a long reliever when he is on. So put in Evan in relief and if he has his stuff, then leave him in until he doesn't have his stuff. I wouldn't doubt we see Evan start the game on Tuesday night followed by Brandon Woodruff in relief or vice versa.

I think Luis Pollorena will get the 3rd spot this weekend versus Arkansas and when Woodruff gets back to his old self, Woody will be the 3rd starter.

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