Monday, March 18, 2013

"The Pitch"

The bottom line in the LSU series is mistakes. We make none on Sunday and we win handily. We do the same on Friday, we win that one too. This post is entitled "The Pitch" bc I think Graveman's pitch over Katz's head will have a wave affect throughout the team. I think it gave them swagger. I wouldn't be surprised if we did very well at Kentucky and at Arkansas bc of it.
The 1# goal going into the SEC season is to win the regular season championship and it looks like that is not going to happen. Why? We don't play the worst teams in the East, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri. Vanderbilt and South Carolina will play them and sweep most of them. That is there advantage. We play the toughest schedule. If we can win 16-18 in the SEC that should be good enough to host a regional.
We did get markedly better this past weekend. We will get better every weekend. We will be a seasoned, tough team by June. The key IMO, is we need to host a regional. That will give credence to our fans and program.
Now back to "the pitch". LSU's coach has always been a whiner, always. I was there in 2010 when our 1B coach yelled 2 or 3 to the base runner meaning run to 2nd or 3rd and the LSU OF threw it to the wrong base bc he thought that was meant for him. Well, Coach Whiner went to the umpires and complained. The 1B coach has no right to yell to his runner?? If you saw the Super with Stoney Brook, he is constantly saying something to the umps about something he doesn't like. He shouldn't have said anything to the media, he should know baseball by now. Our coaches will take care of whatever happened. Coach Whiner is far from being a class coach.
Like I said, that pitch will have an impact on us long after it happened. I hope we don't face LSU in the SECT bc I don't want to be there past 1 or 2 games. At that point, I want to focus on winning the regional and super.

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