Thursday, January 24, 2013

How many college baseball polls are there?

How many times have I heard this question. For those that followed me last year, you remember I counted them and it was 7. But the only two I pay attention to are Collegiate Baseball and Baseball America. Both are well respected in the community and have been around a long time. Here are my rankings of the college baseball polls that I follow.
1) Baseball America: can't get any better than Aaron Fitt. Can break down teams to their shoelaces. Excellent analysis of each major component of a team.
2) Collegiate Baseball: has a different view than BA but still very respectable. Based in Arizona.
3) Perfect Game: My jury is still out with them. I don't think they dig into a team like BA and hit what it takes to win championships. They do have a lot of expertise in college baseball. Kendall Rogers is the man, he is very knowledgable about the game. A must follow on twitter.
4) NCBWA: Natl Coll Baseball Writers Assoc, does a decent job. Is in tune with what does on in the college baseball world.
5) USA Today Coaches: Seriously how many of the head coaches tells his assistants to fill this out and fax it or email it. It is like the football poll. Don't take it seriously. They don't.

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