Monday, July 27, 2015

Updated projected 2016 lineup

1 - Jacob Robson, Junior RS
Returning CF starter. Having a great summer, expect another big year in 2016.
2 - Luke Reynolds, Junior
I am putting him at 3B. Started 10-20 games in 2015. Came on late offensively and having a great summer hitting too.
3 - Gavin Collins, Junior
Starting catcher. Was hurt most of 2015. Had another hand operation in June and is now healthy. Expect big 2016.
4 - Brent Rooker, Sophomore RS
Can play LF but I'm starting him at DH. Huge summer offensively. Fast and big.
5 - Cole Gordon, Freshman RS
I have changed my mind, Gordon needs to play 1B. He just keeps getting better. Will pitch an inning here and there.
6 - John Holland, Senior
Returning starting 2B. Having a nice summer in California.
7 - Reid Humphreys, Junior
I am putting Hump back in LF. He is struggling some this summer.
8 - Michael Smith, Senior
Starter in RF. Was hurt most of 2015 but expect huge 2016. He just needs to play everyday. Power and speed.
9 - Ryan Gridley, Sophomore
Returning starting SS. Very smooth fielder. Can really handle the bat. Only gets better.


Right now I am putting JC transfer Nate Lowe.

Right now the back up spots will be true freshmen. This is up in the air until fall ball is over. Delvin Zinn, Hunter Stovall and Luke Alexander.

Matt Spruill does return. JC transfer Jacob Barfield is new but may only bat.

Josh Lovelady is a superb backup. A great defender and quality hitter.


Brent Rooker will be the 4th OF and play some in the field. Reid Humphreys can play LF if 1B doesn't work out. We have 3 new players, 1 JC and 2 Fr. Tanner Poole, Jake Mangum and Brant Blaylock. Swinarski isn't returning so we need 1 of the new players to step up and play.

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