Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Governor's Cup versus Ole Miss

Last nights game was bad. No way to sugar coat it. The players have been putting forth great effort but last night they fell short. Particularly the hitting side. These guys must have the attitude to kill the ball. They must be super aggressive. Do not look for walks.

This season is just plain bad. I had hopes before the season of at least getting to a regional but now we won't. With 4 wins we will barely make the SEC tournament.

Our slide this season goes back two years. I will have a full write up at the end of the year. College baseball recruiting starts in the 8th or 9th grade and we missed it two years ago.

I along with many rabid Ms State baseball fans will expect great changes before next season. We expect better players, we expect a better non conference schedule RPI wise, we expect a lot better offensive ball club. This is akin to Coach Croom having a lackluster offense in football. We need and want doubles and homeruns. It's the only way to win and win big in today's college baseball landscape.

Please see my full write up at the end of this disastrous season.

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