Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pre-Fall Info: Outfielders

Jake Vickerson, Sr. 5-9 185
Bats left, throws right. A solid addition from JC a year ago. Mainly will be in left but can play right.
Michael Smith, Jr.Tr. 5-10 175
A really nice addition for 2015. A very fast CF type. He will be very important in 2015.
Jacob Robson, So.RS 5-8 180
Injured most of 2014, then had surgery on his elbow. Should be 100%. Jacob bats left. Another fast OF that can run down fly balls.
Cody Brown, So.RS 5-10 180
Bats left, throws right. A very scrappy player that is a plus defender. He can grind an AB too.
Joey Swinarski, Fr.RS 6-3 185
He graduated early in 2014 so he is considered a true freshman now. Joey has tremendous upside. He has a lot of offensive potential. Fall ball will be big for him.
Brent Rooker, Fr.RS 6-4 190
Bats right. He can play 1B also. A really big and tall athletic player. He hit a few HR's during summer ball. Can't wait to see him play.
Cole Gordon, Fr. 6-6 240
A true freshman that bats left. He has a big power bat.

RECAP: The deepest part of any field position. We have 4 players who bat left and 3 that bat right. So any combo of left/right against the opposing pitcher will be used here. There are small, fast type players and a few big, burly guys who can hit HR's. I am really excited about this group.

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