Monday, April 7, 2014

LSU Series

Well, from a record standpoint, this past weekend stinks. We still can't beat LSU 2 out of 3. We haven't done it in 8 years now, that hurts. As I have been thinking about it, it comes down to baseball talent. I am talking the last 3-5 years. We can get some really good players but not enough that LSU gets. We do have some projects, that are mediocre players bc we are trying to fill a spot or couldn't get anyone else. That scholarship issue rears its ugly head. But our recruiting picked up last year and in the next couple of years we will have very good classes.

LSU seems to have a 1st round starting pitcher every year, that is one big difference in the teams. The state of Louisiana does have more HS talent, no doubt, and LSU gets most of those. We on the other hand, have to get the top 2 in state, then get the rest from out of state and JC.

I compared LSU winning the last 8 years to OM winning the Egg Bowl for 8 years straight. This stings me real hard, as it should all State fans. LSU is our biggest baseball rival and they are beating us every year.

How we change the outcome? Recruit the better players, period. We have the 2nd ranked class in school now, the 2015 class is shaping up nicely and we aren't through with it yet. We are hitting the West Coast hard in recruiting.

I am disappointed we didn't at least win 1 versus LSU bc getting swept is a horrible feeling. But, this medicine we took just might light the fire under us to propel us the rest of the way. Bad losses tend to do that to clubs...

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  1. 38 in state players versus 69 out of state for three colleges in MS. Most at MS State. Hailstate!!! I don't buy the Louisiana talent statement. Louisiana beat MS last year by one run in the American Legion Regional. MS AL players going on to play community college, some from Louisiana going to 4 year colleges. Huh?? Got to be more than talent.

    I guess if it stays the same we will never know how good MS can be.. "Build the Potential"

    The Tide has 23 in state, GA Bulldogs has 30, LSU has 20.
    Almost as many as 3 schools combined for MS.

    Oh, I do enjoy the blog and love MS baseball. Hailstate!!!