Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pre-Fall Newcomer Analysis

New players are supposed to plug holes left by graduation/pro, so here are a listing of who I think are real important before fall practice.

1) Cody Walker, Junior, JC Transfer, Catcher--Can he come in and start? We need a catcher who can throw runners out and stop balls in the dirt.

2) Gavin Collins, Freshman, C/DH--Depth at catcher is a must. Gavin can really hit too. We lost two catchers and a DH that started a lot the last two years.

3) Paul Young, Junior, JC Transfer, RHP--Can he come in and be a starter for us on the weekend? What a diamond in the rough. Young just started to pitch this year. Huge pick up. To be able to sign a JC player in the summer who has the potential that he has is amazing.

4) Lucas Laster, Junior, JC Transfer, LHP--Can he replace Chad Girodo? Can he give us long relief from the left side? Got to have a lefty out of pen, need more too.

5) Reid Humphreys, Freshman, SS/3B/DH--A huge talent. We definately need a 3B to either start or add depth. An excellent hitter.

We have at least 8 true freshmen pitchers coming in. Many of them will help out of the bullpen. Dakota Hudson has the best shot entering the fall at seeing duty as a starter.

I would love to be surprised and have a freshman pitcher come from nowhere and really impress. I am just listing the guys who IMO will contribute the most based on the need of the position.

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