Monday, April 15, 2013

Switching Gears

My last post was called The Next Step and we did that versus TAMU. Now to sustain it. I am not talking about sweeping the rest of the schedule but baring down when we need a big hit and actually doing it. We are at the midway point and you can point to this or that game and say what if. We are through with that, we need to take action. Moving runners, sac fly, etc, there is no room for error.

After 15 SEC games what are we looking at? We still have a small chance to win the SEC West but likely we need to finish 2nd. Put that on our NCAA resume when it comes to hosting a Regional. Speaking of that, that is our biggest goal of the season going forward. We have made a living hosting Regionals. It is a tradition in Starkville.

I think if we go at least 8-7 the rest of the way, we will host. Our RPI will be at least under 15. Being that said, we can't falter one game. We can't lose to Alabama 2 out of 3.

If you haven't noticed, several pitchers haven't been used lately and that is a good thing: they will be well rested for the stretch run and they will work on their game in bullpen sessions.

RF Hunter Renfroe is having a great year. Another All-American for us. You need to go see him if you can. He won't be here next year. He will be where former 1st Rounder Chris Stratton is now, working his way through the minor leagues to the big leagues.

This weekend, will be a big recruiting weekend. Not really for the 2014 season but beyond. The 2013 certainly is not over, depending on the MLB draft, we may have to sign one or two more. But the majority of recruits will be for the future. They see the excitement surrounding the winning and hopefully want to be part of a winning tradition.

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