Thursday, December 20, 2012

Collegiate Baseball Magazine Poll

We are ranked 13th on the preseason poll. This is about where I expected to land. It is somewhat surprising about the other SEC teams ranked higher than we are. Arkansas is ranked 1# bc of its weekend rotation. I can see that. But LSU ranked 4#, I cannot.  They fizzled toward the end of last year and really aren't returning that much. We should have swept them the first series in 2012 and we did beat them twice (I think) in the SEC Tournament.

The baseball writers poll might be released before January 1st, so again I predict top 15. The other big poll is Baseball America and they won't release until February 1st or so.

Monday, December 17, 2012

What is on my blog?

Page 1 will have the usual recap/misc info. Page 2 is entitled Commitments and Signees. I will list the player and try to give a short statement. Page 3 which seems to be popular is the listing of former players and what their doing in Pro Baseball. I am excited about this page and its potential. Page 4 I will list the current roster. I will update this after the season so you can have an idea about what the team will look like the following year.